Technical Service

Technical Service

You can contact our WhatsApp line for any technical questions you may have.

Our WhatsApp Technical Support Line

Our technical support services play a critical role in ensuring uninterrupted operation of our customers’ digital printing machines. Our experienced technical team provides a solution-oriented approach by quickly and accurately identifying and resolving issues. We assist our customers in seamlessly using the machines by providing detailed technical information both before and after the sale. Our technical service professionals are equipped with knowledge and expertise to serve not only our own Saitu Digital Printing Machines but also machines from other brands in the industry that utilize our dyes. Additionally, we provide machine and software training to our customers, enabling them to achieve maximum efficiency. Honesty, quality, and prompt resolution are important values in our technical support services. Our entire technical support team works diligently to provide the best service to our customers.

  • To download the remote software file, click the “Download A.I.T. Support Remote Software” button below to download the remote support software.
  • When you run the A.I.T. Support software you downloaded, you will see a 9 or 10-digit ID and a password generated instantly.
  • Please contact the A.I.T. Support team at the phone number +90546 220 90 90 and provide them with the ID and the password generated instantly.
  • Since the password is generated instantly every time you restart the software, please do not close the remote connection application before contacting our support team and completing the support service.
Download A.I.T. Support Remote Software

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