About Us



About Us

A.I.T. is the first and only company in Turkey to provide software, hardware, consumables, and technical support for the textile industry since 1996. We specialize in electronic variant design, pattern design, digital sampling, and quantity printing.

In addition to producing Turkey’s first domestic textile software, A.I.T. also supplies industrial-grade digital textile printers, technical services, consumables, and dyes. Our organization stands out as a leading developer of artificial intelligence technologies, with a particular focus on colors and shapes. We continuously invest in AI technologies to provide innovative solutions to meet the demands of different sectors, particularly in the textile industry.

Our R&D studies on artificial intelligence technologies are specifically planned to meet our customers’ needs. These technologies include photo processing, object recognition, image analysis, and color matching.

We continue to invest in artificial intelligence technologies and conduct research and development studies without slowing down. Our aim is to offer technological infrastructure to different sectors in the future by making a difference with our innovative approaches.

At A.I.T., we have a vision of being an exemplary company that sets standards by bringing efficiency and quality to the forefront of the sectors where we offer solutions. We use advanced engineering in our design and production to maintain our position in the rapidly growing and developing business world. We aim to do our best every day by acquiring new knowledge and skills.



Our company was founded by Hakan Özgür.


Miracle Colorway and Miracle Repeat textile software are being developed.


The company name has been updated to AIT (Advanced Information Technologies). By enhancing our expertise in information technologies, we have started to provide value-added solutions specifically for the textile industry.


The first digital printing machine for textiles, Miracle PowerRIP, under the responsibility of AIT, has been put into operation.


Digital textile machines have gained significant prominence in our country with the efforts of AIT. Infrastructure has been prepared for the development of these machines in our country’s conditions.


AIT has developed a heating system that facilitates direct printing on fabric using digital printing machines.


While the market continues to be fueled by the demand for next-generation machines, Miracle Colorway and Miracle PowerRIP have been reshaped according to the needs of our customers.


We have relocated to our new workplace at Nilüfer Trade Center to better accommodate both our team and our needs.


With the establishment of AIT Istanbul office, we have created a second “fortress” in Istanbul while providing services to the entire country.


By combining our expertise in electronics, software, and textiles, we have developed digital printing machines tailored to specific needs. For existing machines in the market, we have created revision packages and development packages.


While the global pandemic Covid-19 has slowed down the textile market, as it has in every industry, AIT has started researching new technologies. The groundwork for new projects has been established.


The potential of artificial intelligence was harnessed through AIT’s expertise, creating a brand new innovation that meets the needs of the industry.


“AIT” has once again demonstrated the breadth of its vision through its name and has started making remarkable contributions in the field of “Artificial Intelligence”.


AIT has transitioned to a fiber optic, symmetric internet infrastructure and has started hosting its own servers, which it uses in its projects.

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