Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

LAST UPDATE: 03.03.2023

As A.I.T. COMPUTER SYSTEMS MACHINERY IND. AND TRADING LTD. (“AIT”), we prioritize the privacy and protection of personal data of visitors to our website, located at (“website”), and use internet cookies to provide our visitors with a better user experience. This Cookie Policy (“Policy”) explains the types of cookies used on our website and under what conditions.

This policy applies to all website visitors and users, regardless of the technologies, methods, and means by which you connect to the website. We recommend that you carefully read and review it.

1.What is a cookie? What purposes are they used for?

A cookie is a small data storage file that is saved to your computer, mobile phone, tablet, or other mobile devices by websites you access. This file stores information about your website browsing. As a result, when you revisit the website using the same devices, they will remember this data. Therefore, cookies are necessary and important for you to effectively and easily use the website. Cookies are also used to provide you with more relevant services, products, or offers on the website and third-party websites.

The main purposes of using cookies are:

  • The need for certain technical data to enhance the effectiveness of the website.
  • Collection of information regarding website browsing and usage preferences and habits.
  • The requirement to gather data such as IP addresses to fulfill legal obligations, including those arising from the Law on Regulation of Publications Made on the Internet and Combating Crimes Committed through These Publications (No. 5651) and the Regulation on the Procedures and Principles of Regulation of Publications Made on the Internet.

2.What types of data do we process with cookies?

Cookies, depending on their types, generally collect data related to your browsing and usage preferences on the device you access the website with. This data encompasses the pages you visit, the services and products you view, and all information pertaining to your navigation on the website.

3.What types of cookies do we use and in what ways?

We use different types of cookies on the website. These include essential cookies, functionality cookies, analysis/performance cookies, and targeting/advertising cookies.

Essential Cookies: These cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of the website. They are required for system management, preventing fraudulent activities, and if blocked, the website will not function properly.

Functionality Cookies: These cookies are used to provide you with an enhanced and user-friendly experience. For example, they remember your previous preferences and allow easy access to certain content on the website. You can disable the use of these cookies through your browser settings.

Analysis/Performance Cookies: These cookies analyze and understand your interactions with the website, enabling us to improve and enhance the website based on your interactions. You can disable the use of these cookies through your browser settings.

Targeting/Advertising Cookies: These cookies are used to identify and present content, including advertisements, that may be of interest to you. Disabling these cookies will not block all ads but may result in more generic ads being displayed instead of personalized ones.

The website uses cookies to assist third-party services, primarily advertising services, to enhance their effectiveness. These cookies may remember the web pages and sites you have visited and collect personal data, including your device’s IP address. The website uses both first-party and third-party cookies to collect information, remember your interests and demographic data, provide targeted advertisements, improve ad performance, determine visit and ad impression counts, and measure interactions with ads and ad services. The website also utilizes social plugins that connect to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin. When you visit the website and use these plugins, the website connects directly to the servers of the selected social network. The content provided by the plugin is then transmitted directly from the social networks to your web browser and integrated into the website. This allows the relevant social network to access and process your data and combine it with the data associated with your social network account.

Please note that we have no influence or control over the scope of data processed by social networks through these plugins. For more information on how social networks process your personal data, including the purposes, methods, and duration of processing, you can review the personal data processing policies published by the respective social networks.

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