Textile Pattern Variant Program – Miracle Colorway

Textile Pattern Variant Program – Miracle Colorway

Why Miracle Colorway Textile Variant Program?

Miracle Colorway is a textile color separation software that stands out with its user-friendly interface and simplicity.

  • The most widely known and user-friendly variant program available.
  • Understands all your needs related to variants.
  • Because we designed it together in Turkey.
  • Ability to use Pantone, TDX, TCX catalogs.
  • Ability to create your own catalogs.
  • Ability to work in a network environment with multiple users.
  • Compatibility with Miracle Power Rip used in digital textile printing machines.

Miracle Colorway – Technical Specifications for Textile Pattern Variant Program

With the improved interface of Miracle Colorway variant program, you can view multiple patterns and variants on the screen at the same time.

With the archive module, you can easily access the variant files you are looking for on your computer and save all your variants in the archive folder in .mif format.

You can obtain as many variants of a pattern as you want, along with variant properties, date information, description, or fabric color information.

With the search module, you can find pattern groups that match the desired criteria (date, pattern name, customer, designer, pattern type) by entering search criteria.

You can easily send your variants via email by specifying the aspect ratio.

You can obtain paper output of pattern properties, variant properties, and channel properties on the color printing card.

In the color catalog section, in addition to the existing catalogs, you can create new ones and enter new color definitions, color recipes, and any other information you desire.

Palaskas produced from color catalogs with the AIT label help you achieve accurate colors in prints.

The pattern repeat module in the Miracle Colorway variant program allows you to see the reporting process on the screen with a single touch.

Additionally, Miracle Colorway offers advanced consultancy, installation, and training services to its customers. These services provide comprehensive solutions tailored to customers’ needs, helping them adapt to market trends. This way, customers can effectively use the software and increase their productivity in their work.

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