Direct Fabric Printing Machine CD-1800

Direct Fabric Printing Machine CD-1800

Direct Fabric Printing Machine with Pigment and Reactive Printing Options;

Introducing the blanket machine capable of high-quality direct printing on flexible fabrics.

  • Silk
  • Viscose
  • Wool
  • Cotton

We’re raising industry standards with the ability to directly print on various materials like fabrics.

Details and Resolution: Every detail is crucial in textile printing, ensuring true colors, rich details, and sharp lines with precision at every pixel.

The Miracle PowerRIP4 software comes standard with the COLTEX CD-1800 Fabric Printing Machine.

Moreover, all our machines work seamlessly with Miracle Textile Software. Miracle PowerRIP4 is user-friendly software with the capability to display all printing stages on a single screen and an advanced interface. Its proprietary color engine allows you to achieve colors with a richer color gamut, offering vividness you haven’t seen before.

Environmentally Friendly Inks: Our pigment and reactive inks are environmentally friendly. They conserve water, reduce chemical waste, and enhance energy efficiency. They also ensure colors remain vibrant for a long time.

You’re at the right place to make a difference in the textile world with the Coltex CD 1800 fabric printing machine! Contact us to learn more and discover sustainability with eco-friendly prints.

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